iSeed Medium Announcement Utsav Somani

"India’s first micro-fund backed by top global founders. iSeed II plans to invest in 50 early-stage Indian companies at an average check of $250K, with a particular focus on technology companies."

TechCrunch Utsav Somani iSeed

"iSeed counts a range of high-profile investors, including Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi, co-founders of AngelList, who are some of the biggest backers of the fund."

"The next decade belongs to Indian tech startup founders. I think the ecosystem is robust. There is quality talent. There is liquidity."

Fortune India iSeed Utsav Somani

"...aims to become an enabler that helps Indian entrepreneurs learn the tricks of the trade directly from the vanguards of Silicon Valley, at a time when several India startups are looking at overseas expansion."

Economic Times Utsav Somani iSeed

"iSeed announced its second fund of $15 million. The fund will look to support more than 50 talented Indian teams and help them access Silicon Valley"

Wall Street Journal WSJ Utsav Somani

"While earlier Indian startups were copycats of global companies or focused on just the Indian market, many Indian startups are now built to target global markets"

Entrepreneur magazine Utsav Somani iSeed

"They’ve taught me about things that matter: Communicating with brevity, raising smart capital, compounding existing relationships, asking harder questions, investing in smart founders and having a personal operating system. I want iSeed’s portfolio founders to learn from them"

Inc42 Utsav Somani iSeed announcement

" a bridge between Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, who have already created great enterprises, and Indian founders who are now in the search of money as well as the expertise and knowledge of scaling up a startup."

iSeed Medium Announcement Utsav Somani

"Southeast Asia is emerging as the fastest-growing tech ecosystem. With a population of over 670M across 11 countries, 13 unicorns have emerged and many more will be built in the coming years."

"The main goal for iSeed SEA is to partner with great founders across the region and act as a bridge to get more investors and operators from the US or India to get actively involved in the Southeast Asian ecosystem."

"The next large opportunity that is being created is in South East Asia…the idea is to take an early look at promising companies."

"...more capital in the ecosystem is a net positive for everyone. It allows founders to start new companies and run more experiments, innovation is driven by startups not large corporations."

"... a number of inflection points in the Southeast Asian ecosystem - such as the rise of unicorns, the openness among local talent to embrace entrepreneurship, and the region's relative nascence compared to China, United States"